Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Water Audits

Comprehensive Facility Audits

Both high-level and more comprehensive facility audits are conducted by Watermark Solutions Ltd. technicians to determine all of the water uses in a facility. These audits look at all water uses including both domestic and process driven uses. Areas of potential water savings are identified by physically quantifying the water used by devices and fixtures and by interviewing pertinent staff members. For those facilities wishing to go the extra distance, the more comprehensive water audits include the quantification of water uses by using flow monitoring devices. This is often required by municipal and regional rebate programs.


With the more comprehensive audits, a minute-by-minute water use graph is produced so that water use is understood at an even greater level and improvements can be determined to an even greater degree. Sub-metering can also be completed if a particular process is of concern. In the end, a report is produced which includes recommendations and a cost-benefit analysis. Often a new set of eyes is just what a facility needs to improve water efficiency and save water and money.

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