ABB Aquamaster Water Mag Meters

ABB AquaMaster Battery Powered Meters - Specifically for use on potable water applications.

ABB WITS (Water Industry Telemetry Standard).


Aquamaster III

AquaMaster 3 is a battery powered electromagnetic flowmeter designed specifically for use on potable water applications. This meter is available in sizes ranging from 15mm to 600mm and offers high levels of accuracy, reliability and low cost of ownership. This flowmeter is suitable for use in areas where a power supply is not available.

Key features

  • Submersible sensor (IP68) for use in flooded chambers
  • Buriable sensor eliminates the need to build a chamber
  • High accuracy ±0.5% of reading (typically down to 0.35m/sec. velocity) and ±5% of reading (typically down to 15mm/sec velocity) in accordance with CEN/TC92 WG2 (this exceeds ISO 4064)
  • Battery life up to 10 years (optional)
  • Optional mains powered version with super capacitor back-up power source (no batteries to replace)
  • Optional integral datalogger
  • Renewable energy option via solar or wind power
  • ‘Fit and Flow’ the sensor stores the setup details

AquaMaster 3 can be supplied with an integral or remote mounted transmitter (up to 200 metres of cable as standard with the remote transmitter) and measures bi-directional flow as standard.

The transmitter gives a dual solid state switched pulse output for forward and reverse flows and comes with an LCD display (programmable via a USB communication cable) showing:

  • Forward and reverse flow
  • Forward, reverse & net flow totalisers (resettable or secure totals)
  • Velocity
  • Date and time
  • Pressure (if applicable)
  • Alarm conditions (low battery, sensor fault, empty pipe, mains power failure, low GSM signal and renewable energy not present)

The transmitter can contain an optional multi- speed, multi-channel, dual-variable datalogger if required to measure flow and pressure which can then be read back either manually or via SMS/GPRS data transmission.

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Aquamaster III Fire Service Meter

AquaMaster magmeter is now available with UL Fire Service approval. This approval is a requirement in many cities and towns where commercial buildings are required to install sprinklers as fire suppressant systems. Today, many of these buildings have a metering system installed that includes two flowmeters (often mechanical). One for their daily flows and one for the sprinkler system. These are large and expensive. One AquaMaster can replace both of these flowmeters because of the large flow range in our mags. The Aquamaster Fire Service Meter has undergone stringent testing to ensure that it will continue to perform under the adverse conditions that can occur during a fire.

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