TSI Hydrant Flow Meters

Designed to assist the Fire Services and Water Services staff with accurate flow and pressure measurements, the TSI Flowmaster provides the most reliable and accurate evaluation of hydrant and water main condition. The TSI Flowmaster is used to tell you which hydrants are working, the flow rate from the hydrant and the water main capacity. The TSI Flowmaster will help you locate leaks and obstructions in the water main.

Hydrant Flow Meters

Flowmaster 250

TSI Flowmaster 250

The TSI Flowmaster is a portable version of the EMF-300 water flow meter, measuring instantaneous flow rates up to 5,000 LPM and pressures up to 360 PSI. Weighing only 12kg, the TSI Flowmaster has a convenient carry handle contributing to its overall ease use. Simply attach to the hydrant, switch on and measure flow and pressure.

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