Precise measurement of open channel flow, effluent levels and overflow detection.

Sanitary Sewer Flow Monitoring

The flow measurement and quantification of sanitary flow is critical for future planning, infrastructure assessments, and data collection for inflow and infiltration studies. Our high resolution, standalone flow meters are capable of collecting precise measurements of height and velocity, in all types of quality.

Fluid Level Monitoring

Monitor the levels in your basins, clearwells, reservoirs or storage tanks with ease and reliability. Using either overhead ultrasonic level measurement equipment, or submersible pressure sensors, the installation of these systems will allow you to monitor with precision slight changes in level conditions and allow you to react accordingly. Communication can be direct, local or wirelessly.

Open Channel, Outfall, or Stream Flow Monitoring

The monitoring of storm sewer outfalls, tributary streams, and drainage channels has an important role in the overall watershed system management. Having the ability to quantify storm discharge and stream flows during all conditions is critical to environmental planners and managers. Our standalone flow and level meters can be situated in remote areas for extended periods, and have the ability to communicate wirelessly.

Combined Sewer Overflow Monitoring and Detection

Using permanently installed overflow detection equipment, coupled with a wireless data logger, you will be notified of an overflow event the moment it occurs. Increase your monitoring capabilities with a flow monitor or level sensor, and you will have a detailed picture of the volume and duration of the event.

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