ONE Water Smart Hydrants

The Solution: Early Detection.

By installing the ONE Water solution, municipalities will detect leaks and fix them before the consequences have time to multiply into massive repair costs. Early detection minimizes the annual cost of damage from leaking or frozen pipes which can often lead to preventable road and property repair costs.

How ONE Water works

ONE Water is a fire hydrant insert that can be retrofitted into both new and existing infrastructure in order to remotely provide municipalities with useful insights into the city’s water system. Throughout any given year, a city’s water system will have to deal with freezing water supplies, equipment-damaging high and low pressure transients, and leaking mains. The ONE Water solution will anticipate these damaging conditions and provide alerts in a timely fashion by using fire hydrants as windows into the underground water supply network.

Smart Hydrant Advantages:

  • Real -time & historical pressure and temperature monitoring ;
  • Triggered Transient Pressure monitoring;
  • Leak Detection, Vibration monitoring;
  • Permanently installed, data to your desktop.

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